Maps, Chat, Search, Mail and more? Oh dear!

When search engines were first invented there were so many to choose from and none did it right. Google began Google Search and instantly hit the jackpot. Why? Because it wasn’t filled with a bunch of shit you don’t need and had everything you did need. You didn’t need complex search strings, you just needed a few keywords and you’d find the page you were looking for. A perfect example is the fact that if you put in “mitch malone” into google, you instantly find my 3 main websites – this is since I am most likely the only Mitch Malone with a large web presence – and it’s followed closely by an ocean drilling researcher by the same name.

Now Google Inc have managed to further their Internet Empire™ eveb further by launching Google Talk! Google Talk is based on Jabber (which is a good thing) and can be used in a lot of different jabber clients (such as Psi). Why is this so good? Jabber is a very stable chat platform and with Googles backing, can only get better.

I’ve long been a big supporter of Jabber for several reasons. It’s stable, it’s cross platform and web-browser friendly, and most of all in most cases it’s completely free of advertising. In saying that, it’s always annoyed me because majority of the public servers tend to have major problems staying online when traffic gets hot. In particular, their gateways (a.k.a. transports) can barely stay online and I always end up back with using MSN, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL and a bunch of other crap that should have been eliminated.

So if you have a Gmail account, give the new Google Talk a try! If you don’t have a Gmail account, comment here and I promise to give you one. If you would like to add me to your contact list I can also provide you with my address, but I’d rather not do it here so again leave a comment. Sign up, get using it and soon we’ll be living in a marvelous world that is free of evil empires like MSN and ICQ! C’mon kids!