Site Theme Upgrade

Until a few minutes ago, my site was redirecting to this message:

bananas on toast is down for a few hours while it gets taken to the beautician. No, it’s not another redesign, I am just upgrading to Kubrick 2 and the latest WordPress and tweaking the design a little. Please check back in a couple of hours!

– Mitch

This is because bananas on toast has just upgraded to Kubrick 2! This will make the site a little more seemless and give me greater (and easier) control over content. I’ve also included a new “Asides” subheader on the left, which will serv as a bunch of links to external websites that I don’t really wish to write an entire entry about.

If there are any bugs please comment on this entry, although I’ve worked my hardest to iron out the creases. If anyone has any idea why it’s screwing up in IE (not that I am extremely concerned) please let me know.

Comments and criticism is welcome as I am trying to get the design looking really tidy, so please feel free to comment. A few things from the old design have been taken out, so if you want them back, please let me know.