It’s time… Time for a redesign!

It’s that time of year again when bananas on toast has a birthday and gets a face lift. To commemorate the 3 year anniversary of the domain name and just over 3 years of the weblog the entire site is getting a rather drastic redesign. The site will be down for approximately 48 hours in which MMdC, bananas on toast and all the subsites will be revamped, so it’s a good time to clean out any old bookmarks you may have lying about.

The upgrades are beginning now in the background, but won’t be viewable to the public until around the 12th of October, the sites official birthday. I’ll be working on themes, full redesigns, graphic work, hiring and collabing with other artists and designers and generally working my ass off to make the entire site a seamless piece of perfection.

What do I need from you? Two things:
1. I need to know which layout you think suits the site more and which layout you like more. The choices are the current layout by Michael Heilemann and Chris J Davis, Kubrick 2, Scott Jarkoff‘s layout, triSexuality and Squible by Theron Parlin. Decided.
2. I need to know what problems you have with the current site? Is it too slow loading, not easy to navigate, not sequential enough? Tell me what I can fix and any ideas you may have to improve the site.

Bear in mind that I plan on working my ass off so if you could take a few moments to drop a well thought out response, it would be much appreciated. The person with the most helpful comment and feedback will win themselves a gift either from their deviantART,, Thinkgeek or other wishlist, so get giving with the feedback!