Spam me up, Scotty!

Today was the renewal date for my Mailblocks account. If you hate spam, I could recommend no service more than this one. The point of this short entry is that in the year I have owned my membership I have had 5507 spam emails blocked. Isn’t that so damned ridiculous? If you average that out 5507 / 365 = just a little over 15 spam emails a day. So sad.

Broken me, perfect you

And straight from the poetry writing never published vault, comes this little peice. Nothing about it that I really like, but I don’t want to delete it for some readon. Not written about anyone, it actually started when I misunderstood some song lyrics and wrote down the first 2 lines, everything grew from there. Comment if you like it, or don’t.

I’m sorry that I can’t
Offer you my heart
‘Cause it’s already yours
Breaks cause you don’t know

Wonder why things change
From day to day for you
Be stable just for once
And tell me how you feel

I’m really so grown up
But still a child in this game
Looking in from outside
Never understand

And when I look to you
All I have is love
And when you look at me
You never understand

Broken rearview mirror
Your looking back at me
Broken glass to show you
What you want to see

Broken me, perfect you
Scabbed wings, shining halo
Rough hands, velvet lips
Torn heart, milk skin

When did…

…it become so cool to be weird, strange, odd, “random,” scary? I mean, when was the last time you looked at any kind of online profile that belonged to someone under the age of 30-35 and didn’t have to spend a paragraph reading why they are something out of the ordinary? I’m sorry folks, but when everybody’s weird, you all become normal!

When I was growing up, and probably still now, I was considered slightly different. I didn’t sniff underwear, eat glass or anything like that, but some of my tastes were a little off center. It never was a big enough issue for me to cut myself or write hate poetry, mostly it just made me laugh and most laughed with me. I think one of the things I liked about myself was a small touch of non-conformity, but now it seems that I am more “normal” than ever. Have I really passed into the realm of “cool”?

Well it’s Thursday night and rather than my usual binge drinking I plan on spending the night writing. Nothing for my site, nothing for my book, just words in OpenOffice to delete when I am done. Words I would never speak out loud and words no one will ever share.

P.S. Your weird. I’m crazy. She has funny feet. Get over it.