The Houseparty!

So I had the house to myself for just over a week and what better way to finish it off than with a house party? 2 kegs, about 20 people and 3 bottles of tequila proved more than enough to get everyone having a good time. My house ended up trashed, it took around 8 hours to clean and I had to mop the floors about 5 times. All in all it was a blast, but neither the cleaning or the hangovers were worth it.

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The top 5 highlights:
1. Rob and I drinking 3 quarters of a bottle of tequila in around 10 minutes
2. Me passing out as a consequence,
3. Beer bong anyone? I out-chugged the entire party, as per usual,
4. Loddy singing like Madonna with my mothers phone headset, and;
5. The boys not leaving my house for almost 48 hours in refusal to return a half-empty keg.

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