Burning For You

My heart is the flame of an innocent candle
Yours is the lips, breathing and extinguishing
I burn continually only for your lips to take away
Your words slowly break my flame to ash

I flicker and hope, as you talk gently to my soul
Your words tickle my edges and make me dance
A whisper of the truth makes my soul shake
And loud words will almost stop the light I create

You speak kind words and I stand tall, burning gently
Against the darkness of night I stand out to you
But in the light of day I can go almost unnoticed
The breeze and sunlight are too strong for me then

Charred ashes sit on a pool of melted wax
Once my burning soul, now the simple remnants of life
The leftovers of what I felt and feel, now empty
Ashes the only reminder of what once was

I don’t know yet how much I like it…