I have it in my hand…

…not my dick, the new Lik-Wid album “Breathing For The First Time,” you dirty bastard!

So I know I have been a bad friend, I know my penis is short and bent, and most of all I know it has taken me far too long to buy a copy of their latest album, but I finally have a copy of the new Lik-Wid CD. This album is by far one of the most inspiring albums I have in my collection. Regardless of how good the music is, which I can tell you it is great, the things that the band has gone through from birth to conception to delivered product is phenomenal. Watching this process has honestly been one of the biggest privileges in my life.

So earlier this afternoon I had a conversation with Ryan that went like this:

Mitch: Hey bro
Mitch: Am I allowed to invite people to this thing on the weekend?
Ryan: heyman what u doing?
Mitch: Mitch much man, day off
Ryan: yer man hell yes, i have like 40000 posters we got done ilol have to give u some man
Ryan: day off swoit, should of told me yesterday, would of got some beers 🙂
Ryan: well we still can lol
Mitch: I got beers here man, imported shit galore, you should come over and have one with me
Ryan: yer man sounds good, ill bring some posters n shit for ya 2
Ryan: just gotta wait for scoot to get home, he has his keys on him
Mitch: No worries man
Mitch: Bring me a CD too and I’ll hook you up with some cash. $15?
Ryan: yer man np ive got some on me ill bring em with me
Mitch: Yeah, hell yeah man!
Ryan: swoit
Ryan: ill cya in a bit man
Ryan: prolly 30min
Mitch: Yeah, do it!

About an hour later (Ryan must have lost his watch) he arrived at my house and we cracked a beer. We sat and watched the FHM comedy awards and chatted about life and the band. It was great to catch up somewhere other than a bar on the weekend, and I can’t wait to catch up again both tomorrow and Thursday when the guys do an open jam session (not that I haven’t been to a few of their jams before).

I’ve gotten a little off topic here, this entry was supposed to be about whoring out the new Lik-Wid album. Normally I’d try and convince you of the albums quality by doing a track-by-track review, followed by some quotes, and finally an assurance of the music. Instead, I have decided the “cut the crap” so to speak and get straight to the point. Buy the CD and go to the launch party or else! I know a guy, who knows a guy, who played cards with a guys wife, and he assures me he will mess you up proper if you don’t buy the CD. And if that isn’t enough, Granny (Lik-Wid mascot and grandmother) is in major need of a hip transplant – if the boys don’t raise the funds she will be stuck in bed for the rest of her life.

Go on, have a heart.

Here is a well good shot of the album itself…

likwid-cdshot by http://www.flickr.com/people/bananasontoast/ on flickr.com

…and a shot of the inside album art, where yours truly gets a mention!

likwid-albumart by http://www.flickr.com/people/bananasontoast/ on flickr.com

Now, I am going to go eat the rest of my sundae.