Dear god, my ass is on fire!

Okay, I just finished playing indoor soccer (football for all you poms) and I feel absolutely murdered in the backside. After playing for a few minutes tonight I soon found I was a lot faster than the guys on the other team and began showing off by speeding past them and stealing the ball. As my confidence lifted so did my game and I was feeling so good I felt it was time to unleash my striking power.

I ran to the top of the box and called for the ball and swung my right leg as hard as I could. I swear to god if I had of been one squilimeter to the left I would have slotted the finest goal ever, but instead I connected ball to an opponents foot and I ended up on my ass.

I can barely sit here and type this, but I had to update and let everyone know that my ass is sorer than that of a 12 year-old at Michael Jackson’s house (any more fans want to attack me?) I have closed comments on James Blunt Sucks and hopefully bananas on toast can return to it’s normal boring programming. Peace.