Firefox Extensions

I’ve used Firefox for a long time now and tried out various extensions to make life easier. Some I have deleted, some I have kept, but here is the list that I have found most useful.

General/Utility Extensions

  • Sage would have to be the best newsreader I have ever used, and the fact it’s inside the browser makes it doubly useful.
  • Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer allows me to synchronize my bookmarks between Windows/Linux and my USB drive when I am away from my computer.
  • Gmail Manager notifies me when I receive new e-mail to my Gmail account.
  • VideoDownloader is an extension that allows you to save the video files viewed on Youtube, Google Videos etc.

Blogging Extensions

  • JustBlogIt makes writing my A-sides a very simple task. This plugin allows me to make quick entries to my blog, automatically creating the links you see on the right of the website.
  • allows me to add links to my account for viewing on the right hand side also.
  • Google Notebook is what I use to collect notes when I am writing. It’s an online scrapbook of thoughts.

Development Extensions

  • Web Developer allows me to live edits of CSS and view valuable information about a website when I am designing.
  • Colorzilla, an eyedropper for a website, it allows me to quickly grab and change colors when I am designing.
  • MeasureIt is a plugin I don’t use often, but it helps me when I want to know how wide a div/span is or a banner needs to be.
  • IE Tab allows me to see what my site looks like in the shitty browser known as IE.