A few years ago when I registered my first domain name, digitalheroine.com (no longer in use), I received a letter that really got to me. This letter was from a rival domain registrar to Dotster, the company I have chosen to manage all my domains through. This letter offered me “cheaper” domain registration, even though it was in fact far more expensive than the registrar that I was already using.

This morning a letter arrived from the US and I thought it was going to be another similar letter. I studied the envelope carefully and considered throwing it out until I took a close look and realised it was from America Online (AOL). Some will remember my small gripe with AOL (October 23, 2005) after they closed down Mailblocks, the mail service I had used and trusted for quite some time.

One of the things that came about during the time when I was pissed off was a promise from AOL to refund what I had paid for my “Pro” account. I went through the steps, filled out the form and never believed for a moment that the day would come that I would actually see my check. So this morning when I go through my bank statements, open up my new books from Amazon and find the letter from AOL, I realize that I’ve don it! I FUCKING WON! I BEAT AOL! I have a check in my hand for $24.95 and the feeling is so satisfying that I am not going to cash it. I will keep it for all time, a tribute to the occasion I managed to get something out of AOL. The bastards.

AOL Refind   AOL Refund
AOL Refund   AOL Refund