Who are you? Who am I?

Establishing an online identity is really quite hard. For instance, until around a week ago if you performed a Google search on the keyword “Mitch Malone” I would come up as the top 10 search results. I am unsure of what has changed, but now suddenly someone from a drilling program who shares my name is number 1. Secondly, I had once owned the domain name www.mitchmalone.com and let it expire and now it’s some kind of bogus flower shop. I’m honestly not phased by either of these, but it raises a point; who knows the real me from the other Mitch Malone or some bogus website? Enter ClaimID!

Straight from the ClaimID about page; ClaimID is a service that lets you claim the information that is about you online. That information is then associated with your name, providing folks an easy way to see what is and isn’t about you online. Simply put, you make a page that lists all your pages, simple huh? And once the site grows much larger, it will make it easy to find anyone who wishes to be searchable.

So let’s take a few seconds to have a look why it’s such a big deal to a geek like me by listing websites that are associated with my ClaimID account and the ones that are not my own. Firstly, let’s start with my websites:

And a few sites that aren’t mine, but still show up in the top 10 list of results:

And then the websites about me that I didn’t know existed:

* Denotes a webpage that is listed in the top 10 results of searching Google for my name
** Deontes top 20

So we start noticing some major problems in just punching in my name into Google. Firstly we notice that the most major website, the one that uses my name (http://www.mitchmalone.name/) doesn’t even list in the top 10. This site in my opinion when searching by a name should always come up first, regardless of relevancy since it is a name search and not a keyword search. Perhaps Google will concider this in the future?

So what gives? The solution is simple, check out my Claim ID Profile (http://claimid.com/MitchMalone)! It lists the websites that are about me and that I know of and verify that are about me. Some of the sites are verified for authenticity by me adding code into them, some of them are sites I have no control over the code, but regardless it’s a way of verifying if something you are viewing is about me.

If you want to protect your online security, go register at ClaimID, they are currently allowing free memberships still I believe and it’s a fantastic way to ensure that the next time your boss finds your name associated with a well-hung porn star he knows it’s not you – unless of course that’s your thing.

Live Update In Progress

If you used my RSS Feeds you will not notice that the website looks pretty and new. I was up half the night last night getting it to look and behave correctly, and most of this morning reimplementing the features I previously had on the site.

Firstly you will notice that the main page is much simpler, with things like archives, recent entries, about, blogroll etc. being hidden in a “shelf”. I realise this is either going to be a very big hit or a very big miss, so I am relying on feedback from the readers to tell me if this suits you or not.

Also the color scheme is very different. For the moment I like it, but I also realise it is very plain and I will probably get rid of it. Feedback here is welcome too.

Right now it’s 5:10pm and I am really tired, I’m going to go for a jog to pep myself back up and then I am going to be doing some reading. That’s Mitch, over and out!

To live update, or not to live update!

That really is the question. I’ve been working on redesign ideas late at night for several weeks now, tossing around ideas and different themes, trying to find one that fits what I want the site to look like, but nothing I seem to do feels right. I usually work between midnight and 4am on nights when I have trouble sleeping and by the time I get close to a design I like I end up disabling it, going to bed and then hating it in the morning.

As of tonight I am beginning to work on some updates to the site. I am pretty confident that the style I am going to stick with is the Hemingway style from Warpspire and the color scheme will probably mirror that of the Ubuntu color scheme. I really love the simplicity of the Hemingay design and I really think the Ubuntu guys have an awesome color palette that I just may steal from.

I will be disabling a lot of the plugins and a lot of functionality will disappear from the site while I work on the updates and reintegrating them, but at the end it will be sexier than ever! So everyone bare with me over the next few days/weeks while I work on getting this site to a new, improved version. It’ll be BonT v2.0 to suit Mitch v2.0!

Gmail, Writely, Orkut invites!

There is a lot of the Google universe that is in beta at the moment and invite only, so here is your chance to land an invite to three of their most popular services! All you have to do is comment to this entry and while I have invites I will continue to send them out. I’d really love a link back or trackback, but it’s not required to earn an invite. Just make sure you enter your name and address properly into the fields and let me know which service you’d like the invite to.


Gmail is an experiment in a new kind of webmail, built on the idea that you should never have to delete mail and you should always be able to find the message you want.

Search, don’t sort – Use Google search to find the exact message you want, no matter when it was sent or received.
Don’t throw anything away – Over 2753.868460 megabytes (and counting) of free storage so you’ll never need to delete another message.
Keep it all in context – Each message is grouped with all its replies and displayed as a conversation.


Writely is an online word processor and more. It allows for collaboration of documents, uploading of many common file formats, e-mail documents into accounts, all in an easy to use interface.


Orkut is an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends. Orkut committed to providing an online meeting place where people can socialize, make new acquaintances and find others who share their interests.