To live update, or not to live update!

That really is the question. I’ve been working on redesign ideas late at night for several weeks now, tossing around ideas and different themes, trying to find one that fits what I want the site to look like, but nothing I seem to do feels right. I usually work between midnight and 4am on nights when I have trouble sleeping and by the time I get close to a design I like I end up disabling it, going to bed and then hating it in the morning.

As of tonight I am beginning to work on some updates to the site. I am pretty confident that the style I am going to stick with is the Hemingway style from Warpspire and the color scheme will probably mirror that of the Ubuntu color scheme. I really love the simplicity of the Hemingay design and I really think the Ubuntu guys have an awesome color palette that I just may steal from.

I will be disabling a lot of the plugins and a lot of functionality will disappear from the site while I work on the updates and reintegrating them, but at the end it will be sexier than ever! So everyone bare with me over the next few days/weeks while I work on getting this site to a new, improved version. It’ll be BonT v2.0 to suit Mitch v2.0!