Live Update In Progress

If you used my RSS Feeds you will not notice that the website looks pretty and new. I was up half the night last night getting it to look and behave correctly, and most of this morning reimplementing the features I previously had on the site.

Firstly you will notice that the main page is much simpler, with things like archives, recent entries, about, blogroll etc. being hidden in a “shelf”. I realise this is either going to be a very big hit or a very big miss, so I am relying on feedback from the readers to tell me if this suits you or not.

Also the color scheme is very different. For the moment I like it, but I also realise it is very plain and I will probably get rid of it. Feedback here is welcome too.

Right now it’s 5:10pm and I am really tired, I’m going to go for a jog to pep myself back up and then I am going to be doing some reading. That’s Mitch, over and out!