No Junk Mail

Spam is a funny thing in a day like today, it makes one wonder about the point. With spam filtration so paranoid that when I send a photo to a friend via e-mail it gets sent to their hotmail spambox, how spammers hope for their e-mail to be read really makes one wonder. I receive, on average, around 100-200 spam e-mails a week to my G-Mail account and approximately 1% actually make it to my inbox. With statistics like that I honestly wonder why spammers bother and what kind of possible success they hope to receive from it.

This morning I looked in my spambox and checked that nothing important had been caught and noticed the trends happening in trying to get the spam e-mails received by the recipient. Things such as “Re:” at the beginning of the e-mail would probably work on a bad spam-protection system, but G-Mail is obviously smart enough to know that the originating e-mail wasn’t sent, so therefor a reply would be impossible.

The next trend I notice was a little dash of l33t-sp34k (elite speak). Obviously no one wants an e-mail about “viagra” but “v1agra” could possibly get through some low level spam scripts. The obvious flaw with this is the fact that most people don’t understand l33t-sp34k and therefor wouldn’t read the e-mail.

Dear Spammer,

No one cares. Take the hint.

Love always,

Just a quick question for anyone who comments: Just hot long has it been since you opened a spam e-mail by accident and then you were stupid enough to click a link? Have you ever?

The Perfect Breakfast™

The Perfect Breakfast™ always starts with the eggs. Some like their eggs fried, poached, boiled, but for me they have to be fluffy and scrambled. The biggest trick to making scrambled eggs, and omelettes for that matter, is the ingredients. To quote Preacher from Deep Blue See, “amateurs often add milk for density; this is a mistake.” So let’s start with how to make good scrambled eggs.

Eggs – put in as many as you want to eat.
Salt and pepper – just a little, to taste.
That’s it!

That’s right baby, it’s all about the method. First you put in your eggs and a little salt and pepper and you whip the hell out of those eggs. Use a fork and just pummle the crap out of them for a little bit, you want to make them nice and light. Next you throw them into a saucepan on moderate-high heat and stir continuously – I cannot stress that you shouldn’t leave your eggs, not even to butter your toast, just stir them constantly to stop them from sticking, but to also keep them nice and light. If you want to add any extras like ham, cheese, tomato etc. just do it slightly before the eggs are cooked, but not too early or your eggs will be sloppy.

That’s it! Now, for obvious reasons The Perfect Breakfast™ still needs some wholegrain toast, some strong coffee and a little tobasco sauce on those eggs if you want to start the day with a jolt, but that is really it. Now all this on a day off, like the one I have today, is even better.

“And the clouds opened and God said ‘I love you!'” – Me.

Note: Updates on the ski trip, my life and photos are coming soon I promise!


ZuluPad would be an awesome way for uni students, or pretty much anyone who takes a lot of notes, to keep their information automaticall organised and synch’ed.