You know what really grinds my gears…

One thing I really hate about people (read: YOU) is the etiquette at pedestrian crossings. The world is in chaos people and only you can stop it. Nothing pisses me off more than standing waiting for the Red “don’t walk” sign to turn into the Green “you’ve got 2 seconds, move it” sign, and someone walks up and presses the button.

What makes the person think I didn’t hit the button already? And not only do they hit it once, they hit it a few times to make their point heard. I’m sure as they approach the crossing they casually think to themselves, ‘just in case this guy (who seems to look like he is in a hurry) thought he might stand at the lights for an hour, I am going to press the button…. 8 times!’

The next time you approach the lights and there are 5 people standing there. Yes YOU, I know YOU do it! Don’t press the button. Seriously, don’t do it. It’s been pressed a million times this week and 31 times in the last minute. The sign knows there are people waiting, it knows you’re in a hurry to get your latte and 3 sushi rolls for lunch while booking in a hair appointment for your boyfriend, Brent. It knows!

Show some patience kids!