(Not So) Good News Week

Every lunch time I log on to the Sydney Morning Herald and read a few articles, just to make sure I am keeping in touch. I do CNN a few times a week, but SMH is a daily ritual for me. Today when I logged on these were the top articles:

Apart from the article about the guy eating the Corgi, which is mildly humorous in a really sick way, this isn’t exactly loaded with good news. It’s not exactly inspiring to read these headlines when you log on to the website.

Is this just a sign of “good news doesn’t sell” or is it the gauge of the kind of world we live in these days? And personally, if I read one more “Technology” news article that focuses on Microsoft or Google I will go over the edge, that isn’t technology news it’s snippets from two companies!

Browser Hijacking

Slashdot posted an interesting article about a guy who is being sued for publishing a commonly known workaround for the Javascript that disables the right clicking inside a website.

I’m no legal expert and wouldn’t be able to comment on the implications, but personally I find this kind of Javascript invasive to a persons home computer to take control of their browser. If questions must be raised, it should be as to why companies are still allowed effectively hijack controls on their users/customers computers.