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One of my best friends, Mik Morley, is currently the Featured Artist on and next month will be the iTunes featured artist for a period of a week! I’ll be writing again when he is on iTunes!

Please download his tracks and support a local artist and a top guy!

Please spread the word to friends and family and support a rising artist!

You won’t be disappointed when listening to Mik’s music!

From the site

Give Myself, Mik Morley’s independent solo debut, introduces the world to a soulful and enigmatic young artist. The brief 5 song collection is a first-class debut effort, offering both raw mood and catchy radio ready song crafting, which has already been drawing fans to the 25-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist’s music.

“They’re perfectly crafted modern rock songs with a meaningful lyrical mood, could easily fit into any radio play list in the country, a definite hit” Says Chartsong producer and Festival/Mushroom’s published artist, Stuart Stuart (The Veronicas, Small Mercies).

Give Myself won’t disappoint, with catchy radio ready songs as “Come So Far”, and “Run Along” to atmospheric “Midnight Sky” and the heartfelt title track “Give Myself”. From a lyrical perspective, Mik draws on Friendship, Life, and Loss through remarkable emotive presence for one so young.

Mik’s past is one of life experience of which most of his peers could only dream of. Growing in a small town, pushed Mik into finding solace in music, and later stability as Guitarist in the band Lik-Wid, which since 2001 has had a series of successes and credits to its name (Finalist in 2004 National SOYA MUSICOZ completion, “Breathing For The First Time” 2005 National Release – Mixed and Engineered by 2005/2006 Aria Award Nominated Matt Lovell – ‘Inxs’, ‘Silverchair’, ‘Grinspoon’, ‘Sarah Mcleod’).