Okay, firstly I am well aware that the deviantART administration will, most likely out of spite, take away my membership as a senior member of their website, but this must be said.

It was a long time ago that I first noticed deviantART on the interweb. In fact, as of writing this post, it was 3 Years and 154 Days ago. At the time I was doing freelance design work and wanted a space that I could post some of my photography.

Now let’s make one thing clear, I pretty much suck as bad as anyone on that site, but don’t shoot me. The thing that kept me around wasn’t the warm comments from every user on the site and it wasn’t the fact that was popular, it was because it was just an easy way to do something I wanted to do.

Later I became an administration on dAmn, then latest still I had to leave the administration because I didn’t have enough time to give to what they were doing. No hard feelings, it’s just something that happens.

Last night I wanted to upload some photos to their website that I had taken recently. Now, these weren’t any better than the crap I’ve always uploaded, but I was proud of these photos and wanted them displayed.

Nothing could have prepared me for the ass-ache of uploading these photos.

At a guess I would say that it took me 5 minutes to work out the process. I consider myself very geeky tech-savvy and I can’t remember the last time it took me 5 minutes to do anything on a computer.

Clearly, the term “usability” has completely escaped the guys at deviantART.

Then, the mother of all, the absolute crowning glory, the mother of all… adCast

When I was a regular member and user it was not uncommon for people to abuse the site, spam the hell out of it just to get clicks to their page. But now for just a few dollars, you can get 500 pageviews. That’s right kids, don’t spam, just pay. We here at deviantART know how hard it is to fit in and be cooler than the other deviantART members, now just steal a credit card.

Okay, so I am sure the administrators/owners/site-thiefs don’t really want to see kids stealing, but I have never been more appalled by how commercial deviantART has become until tonight.

I am sure °jark can barely believe what he sees when he goes to a site he poured his absolute heart into for such a long time.

Mitch. Disgusted. Over and out.