James Blunt’s “music” is actually popular somewhere?

James Blunt's "music" is actually popular somewhere? by http://www.flickr.com/people/bananasontoast/ on flickr.com

James Blunt’s "music" is actually popular somewhere?, originally uploaded by Mitch Malone on flickr.com.

Some may remember the post I wrote called James Blunt Sucks. In fact, if you ever read here, you should definitely remember it because it caused a hell of a ruck.

Anyway, after not having heard much from James Blunt in a little while except for a murmur of an album, I looked at my favourite news site this morning and noticed that “songs from James Blunt’s 2005 debut album Back to Bedlam are the most popular at weddings and funerals.”

Wow, I totally eat my words about any horrible thing I’ve ever said about James. Wait, no I don’t, this just goes to prove two points.

  1. James Blunt’s music is most appropriate for already depressing occasions.
  2. Brides are hormonal and know jack shit about music, and still have too much control over weddings. Grooms, stand up for your right to have testicles.

James Blunt – please put yourself out of my misery.