I’m back

Not like Michael Jordan back; barely a few games and limited success. I’m talking about the kind of “back” where I probably don’t mean it and I’ll be gone again in a few days.

Regardless, I’m blogging. And if you’re one of the many 2 people who have asked me when I’m going to start writing again, then the answer is now. Now!

Alright, so this is the last Mitch post. You might notice that all the old posts are back, which I didn’t think they would ever be, but moreso that the design has changed for a rather final step. This design, for better or worse, will be the design I continue to use for some time. There will be minor 1.1.x updates, but this is all.

So what am I going to write about? It’ll still be a little about me, but I am going to try and give the blog some aim and some direction. I update Twitter several times a day with the boring shit I get up to, and I have facebook for boring banter, I want to give the site some direction.

So, this is what will (hopefully) happen over the next few weeks. I will delete quite a few old posts that are just crap. I will tag the posts that are here now and get the blog acting a little more 2.0 (‘cuz I’m 1337). And I will hopefully start blogging about things with a little more substance

Oh, and I’m going to delete all, and I mean ALL, the posts that mention that I am going to start writing again. Including this one if I don’t hold my word and don’t start writing more often.

So peace out, comment like a madman, and stay cool.