Separating Work Mitch from Home Mitch

Work probably means different things to different people. For me, I don’t wake up and dread heading into work (most days anyway), in fact most days the idea of hitting the offices excites me a little.

I love my job, my career path, my company and my colleagues. But when things get scary and stressful, leaving all that stuff in the office can be difficult, especially when things go wrong.

To quote my hero, Ari Gold:

Eric Murphy: Ari, I’m getting killed here. Vince isn’t happy.
Ari Gold: Of course he’s not happy. Nobody’s happy in this town except for the losers. Look at me, I’m miserable… that’s why I’m rich.

Now I’m not rich… not yet anyway… but I am successful. And I do know that a certain level of stress, or let’s call it urgency, is totally necessary to be good at what you do. Especially if you love your work and care about the job that you do.

So right now, after working 11.5 hours, I am going to leave Work Mitch at work and go have a beer with my best mate Matt. And I am going to enjoy it and relax.

Over and out.