Blog Recommendation: TechMiso

One of the hardest things about blogging and reading blogs is trying hard not to spend time writing rubbish content, but even more importantly, reading rubbish content. Over the years I have tried a gamut of different RSS readers, both online and offline, and I have also subscribed to many, many blogs most of which I no longer read for one reason or another.

So when I come across a blog that seems particularly inspired and has some content worth sharing, I am going to take the time to make recommendations. Recently, I’ve started reading a very strong blog called TechMiso, a blog that I believe I really should share. Like any technology blog there is an amount of it that I skim over, but the articles I find interesting to my own technology interests are well written, informed and most importantly, interesting.

TechMiso is the brain child of Rich Chuckrey, who I admittedly don’t know very well, and Scott Jarkoff, someone who I met during my time as an admin at deviantART and have looked up to as a writer and blogger for quite some time.

While the blog is in it’s infancy, so far I have read quite a few interesting articles specifically focusing on technology issues that matter today. If you’re looking for another blog to add to your Google Reader account, this is one to watch and I would recommend checking it out!

Automatically sync your documents to iDisk with rsync

One of the coolest things about owning a Mac is using the powerful underlying Linux tools available in a termal. If you’re new to Mac and/or Linux, I strongly recommend if you want to get the most out of your operating system you spend some time learning what is under the hood.

Recently I’ve done some searching around for some ideas on utilizing my iDisk storage a little more and unearthed the usage of rsync to automatically synchronize between my Documents folder and my iDisk/Documents folder.

Disclaimer: You can do this by automatically syncing using the GUI tools, however this gives little control over exactly what is synchronized, so I have written this tutorial.

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