Call For Help: Party Music

As those who know me very well will attest, I have a very specific taste in music that doesn’t generally appeal to a lot of people. Furthermore, even though I love my tunes, I totally know that I couldn’t play my music at a party and get the room pumping.

So, I am asking the wider community to help me expand my horizons, and hopefully make my birthday party suck less, by letting me know your favourite party song or songs.

The rules:

  1. You can put 1 or a hundred songs, but please choose songs rather than entire albums.
  2. Please choose songs that you like listening to at parties with friends and that get you in a party mood, not just your favourite songs. This might be the same thing for some, but for most it’s slightly different to their normal taste in music.

Also, please retweet by clicking here and helping me get a larger response!

Mail Headers in

If you’re like me and you have accumulated several email addresses over the years, but are wishing to use one email address for everything, here are some Terminal commands that will come in useful. Sure you could write some AppleScript if you were inclined, but save yourself the time and get your hands dirty in some Terminal.

First, to set a reply-to email address:
defaults write UserHeaders '{"Reply-To" = "First Last <>"; }'

Second, permanently change the from email address:
defaults write UserHeaders '{"From" = "First Last <>"; }'

Third, set a BCC email address for archiving and message stores:
defaults write UserHeaders '{"Bcc" = "Email Archive <>"; }'

And, lastly, do it all in one sexy command:
defaults write UserHeaders '{"Reply-To" = "First Last <>"; "From" = "First Last <>";"Bcc" = "Email Archive <>"; }'


The next time you’re looking for an OS X application, don’t ask #lazyweb on Twitter, but instead install the latest must-have for any Mac user, Bodega.

From the website:

We’ve all been there – hunting for that one killer app that would make life so much easier. If only it existed. If only we could find it. With Bodega, you don’t have to spend your time hunting for software – it’s your one-stop for all your software needs.

Bodega really does look like an app to contend with, and once more developers have registered their applications and their database grows it’s usefulness will grow also.