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I finally made a cool flickr badge like all the other flickr geeks! It’s kind of like when people put those lame Oakley stickers on the back of their cars to look cool. Yeah, just like that.

Make Yours and upload it to flickr!!!

Side note: I notice that as soon as I am obnoxious that everyone starts to comment, do I need to start picking on Delta Goodrum for having cancer or maybe flame Michael Jackson to get some if you to comment? 😉

Aprilia Glory

For those who don’t know, after I tell them I own an Aprilia racing bike their response is usually something like, “is that a Suzuki?” For those who do know, they usually drool. I’ve always wanted to get my bike license and have the freedom to just jump on a bike and go riding, but only recently have I ever made it happen. It all started from a conversation with my good mate Rob…

*queue the blurry fade-out and crazy music as we travel back 4 or 5 weeks*

Mitch: Dude, I should totally get my bike license so I can go riding with you.
Rob: So do it!
Mitch: Yeah man, I think I will!
Rob: Dude, it’s your day off today, when will you get another chance to do it?!
Mitch: Yeah, true.
Rob: So…?
Mitch: I dunno…?
Rob: Get out and go get your license. Now!

*queue the blurry fade-in and crazy music as we travel back to present time*

Needless to say that I got my license that afternoon. Within a week and a half I purchased Rob’s old bike off him, since he was thinking of upgrading to a 1000cc bike and was already planning on selling it. So now I own a 2003 Aprilia RS125, Rob owns a 2004 Aprilia RSV 1000 and Dave owns an 2000 Aprlia RSV1000 Mille (picture to come) – some of the sexiest bikes I’ve ever seen.

Well if you monitor my photoblog at flickr at all, you would know that I have already been unfortunate enough to have an accident. I jumped the clutch, panicked, hit the brakes and then hit the deck. The damage to me was the last thing on my mind and was pretty minimal, but my beautiful bike was scarred. I’ve spent the last two weeks fixing my darling and her makeover is complete. My 2003 model bike now has the latest 2005 stickering, along with a lot of ideas from myself, Dave and Rob. Dave, a signwriter by trade, was able to create all the stickering for me and get it all done perfect.

Admire my bike and fear my riding skills!

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My Hair Products

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There is seriously something wrong with me. Today I got my hair cut and bought around $25 worth of hair products and placed them on the shelf with all my other stuff. Different gels, waxes, clays, mouses and I suddenly realise that if I was someone else I’d probably be questioning my sexuality. I think the scariest part is that they all have different uses, I know when to use what product and I actually keep them in an order I understand. It’s quite scary and definately worth a journal entry.

Note: Be sure to give the picture a click and check it out, I’ve documented all my products.

Beer Caps

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The boss was out of town for the week and the second in charge took over… She decided we had been working hard (and granted, we were being flogged like mules) and deserved a beer, so she gave everyone two Crown Lagers as we knocked off… Although it says “Australia’s Finest” there are much better beers to be had, it’s just that people here seem to think it’s the only premium beer in the world. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad beer, but there are better.

Human Traffic

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Possibly my favorite movie, even though it was so far from mind when I listed my favorites a few months ago. This movie totally owns and there is only one thing better than watching it; that is watching it with a good mate and some popcorn. Sunday night Rob came over and we just laughed our asses off watching this movie and totally absorbed the “relax” attitude, it was really fun.

“The weekend has landed. All that exists now is clubs, drugs, pubs and parties. I’ve got 48 hours off from the world, man. I’m gonna blow steam outa my head like a screaming kettle and talk codshit to strangers all night. I’m gonna lose the plot on the dance floor; the free radicals inside me are freaking man! Tonight I’m w00t Travolta, I’m Peter Popper – I’m going to Never Never Land with my chosen family man. We’re gonna get more spaced out than Neil Armstrong ever did. Anything could happen tonight ya know! This could be the best night of my life! I’ve 73 quid in my back burner, I’m gonna wax the lot, the Milky Bars are on. Yeah!”

bananasontoast goes pro!

Today I lashed out on the bank funds and purchased a pro account over at My love for this photo sharing community is well known to some of my friends and I believe that giving something back in the form of a pro account is definitely a good idea. I, for one, would be lost if I couldn’t send photos from my Nokia 6670 and keep track of the shots I am taking.

After I purchased the account I went through and uploaded some older photos which were used on this weblog and then had to go to the trouble of reordering them. Unfortunately there was no simple way of doing this, so hopefully this is a feature that will be integrated into flickr somewhere down the track. Personally I think any photo gallery needs to be able to be easily reordered and rearranged so they are probably already on it.

If you are unacquainted with flickr, get on over there and check it out. It’s a wonderful photo sharing community with loads of features and it’s a great way to make a few more friends. The community is still in beta, so there will be even more features in the future. These guys are so on the ball, who knows what might happen in the future! They have already integrated my suggestion for custom weblog posting templates, so it’s clear to me that they are planning on big things.