My Weekend – Friday

My trip, although only 3 days long, started around a week and a half ago. I spoke to some friends from Sydney who all claimed I should give them a visit and accommodation arrangements were made. Work and social commitments popped up on several of them and the trip was to be cancelled.

Mitch: Hey Aimee, dunno if I’ll be coming to Sydney now, I have nowhere to stay.
Aimee: get every1 together and come stay at my place and we can have a party
Mitch: It’s Derby Day weekend, no one will want to come, but the idea is nice!
Aimee: well you just come down and we can hang out and get drunk

And thus, the idea was born. Within 6 hours I had booked my flights to Sydney and back and I was ready to roll. The suddenly it dawns on me: does Aimee really want me down there? Sure we’re friends and all, but we don’t know each other that well!

Friday morning at 4:45 my alarm goes off and I get the fright of my life. Somehow in the night I had placed my water bottle on top of my phone and the vibration sends the bottle toppling down and sends water all over my face. Shit my pants. I stumbled down, shower and shave and make sure I have packed everything I’ll need – I didn’t.

I sit in the airport in writers-mode and try to take everything in. I have no pad like I normally take and certainly didn’t burden myself with my dying laptop, so I try my best to remember things as clearly as possible. I note the nervous guy in the front row who is quite obviously flying for the first time sitting next to the slacker businessman who has probably been in the air several times this week alone. He shuffles his feet and continually talks to his girlfriend in whispers as Slacker grunts a laugh at him and gets shot a stare for being so callus.

I remove my phone from my pocket and go through my to-do list to make sure I did everything. I forgot my phone charger, that is going to hurt me. First flight call goes up warning me that my plane will be ready to leave soon and I pack away my phone, PSP and my jumper.

Making my way to the gate I see families kissing fathers goodbye, boyfriends calling girlfriends one last time before they leave and children crying because they will miss loved ones. I am noticeably unmoved at 6:30 and realise, without any feeling, that I am standing alone simply waiting to get onto my flight.

I sit in my seat and suddenly wish I had a palm pilot or small notebook to make notes about the flirt. Slacker snorts loudly as he squeezes into his seat and the nervous git from the airport is positioned directly next to me, cowering into his girlfriend. “Stewardess, are you certain I can’t listen to my iPod,” I ask hoping to drown out his constant whimpering. She confirms it’ll be 20 minutes before I can begin listening to The Get Up Kids once again and I laugh and turn instead to making fun of him.

“First time,” I ask and gesture towards the Coward.
“Yeah, you fly much,” Coward’s girlfriend replies as I suddenly realise how gorgeous she is.
“Enough not to turn to jelly, your boyfriend is the very definition of ‘Heroic’ isn’t he?”
“It’s my brother, not my boyfriend, he’s just being a pussy and hugging me a little too much.”
Suddenly he turns from Wimpy Boyfriend to Wimpy Bedwetting Brother and I giggle.
“I’m single and ready for Sydney,” she adds with a wink.
Oh yeah, Mitch, you still got it!
I smile at her and cooly say, “me too, what do you have planned for the weekend?”

She blabs for a few minutes about some neurotic baby shower she is going to and tells me about all of her friends while the stewardess gives a lesson on how to use flotation devices. Given that we’ll be flying over land, I decide that floating isn’t a huge priority and ignore her, but also ignore the cute sister. Suddenly she goes from cute and seemingly-interested, to mind-numbingly boring and I tune out.

“Sounds like a hectic weekend, you should have fun!”

She looks at me the same way my mother looks at me when I’ve ignored her and made it rather apparent with an out of left field comment. Soon enough the conversation is over, we’re in the air and I am listening to my iPod and eating my “light breakfast” which would be more aptly described as 100% preservative that is a guaranteed ticket to diarrhea.

I take my headphones off and Cute Sister begins again. “So what about you, what do you have planned?” I give her a large story about a few ideas I have had, none of which are actually close to what happened in the end, and end it with another wise crack about her brother. He is too scared to say anything and we both laugh.

Seatbelts are back on and before you know it we’re landing. “I’m so glad we made it, there were a few times there I thought we were doomed!” Cute Sister laughs while the ever-chivalrous brother looks like he is sitting in his own urine. I laugh at my own joke and we all get off the plane.

Business first, I take care of what needs to be taken care of. Before you know it my day is half over and I am having lunch with >Kevin. I decide that all you can eat is a phrase that sounds so much better when you are actually hungry. It’s good to catch up with Kevin and we chat about a lot of stuff that we always chat about; life.

I travel across the city and get my bag before I wander through the city. I need the necessities with me at all times; music, money and music. My iPod is doing the usual “sure we promise 12 hours, but be grateful if you get 3” battery life and I regret, not for the first time, buying an iPod rather than an iriver.

I get to the city around 4 or 5 and wander for a while. I feel very insignificant amongst the hustle of the city and I feel more alone than I have in a very long time. I walk past homeless people, past churches and all night medical centers, past pubs and clubs and all the while I completely acknowledge that no one is even noticing me. I hear a bunch of New Zealanders drinking at a bar and one of them beckons to me, “eh bro, come ‘ave a beer eh?” I join them and we have a few laughs. I rip on their accent, they rip on my accent, I joke about how Aussies are better, then the 6 Maori gentlemen make it apparent that they could kill me if they wanted to. Departure immanent, I take a pee and tell them I have to keep moving. Time spent fearing for my life: 6 seconds, then a quick dash out the door.

I message James and soon enough we meet up for a few more beers. We discuss the nightclubs in Sydney, what we’ve all been up to and I let him play my PSP. In most cases I enjoy having things to keep me entertained, but most people laugh when they find that I take an iPod and similar devices with me everywhere I go. James is a game and completely understands, we soon depart and go back to his place to enjoy some PS2 on the bigscreen. Time spent geeking out: 2 joyous hours!

After a few games of GT4 James has to meet some friends and I make my way back to the city. I wander along George St for a little while and go past one of many bars I attend frequently in Sydney, The Three Wise Monkeys. I order a beer and barely turn around before I strike up a conversation with some backpackers. It’s an English couple of about 25 on their first trip to Australia, I give them some advice on where to stay and they supply me with a few laughs. I note that the girl is surprisingly hot, the guy suprisingly ugly. I furthermore note that he is shouting the three of us, plus a few other backpackers. Verdict: Loaded, possibly well hung. Time spent trying to change the word “pint” to “schooner”: 10 painful minutes.

I get a call from Aimee and we decide that we’ve had a big day and meet back at her house. We spend hours, literally, talking and keeping each other awake. It was so much fun chatting to her and getting to know her better. Turns out we both had the same fears about the weekend, but they are pretty quickly put in the past and we’re getting on like a house on fire. Time spent laughing so hard that my cheeks were sore: 15 bedwetting minutes.

To be continued…

I don’t want to work today, Mr. Roboto

So I’ve got the day off from work and boy am I loving it! I woke up around 10am (mega sleep in from my usual 7am start) and threw my hand onto my desk and after a few clicks of the mouse I was watching The Simpsons. ‘Ahh, this is the life for me,’ I thought to myself as I went to the kitchen for a nutritious breakfast of donuts and coffee.

One of the things about making a truly great day off is that you need to decide what kind of day off you need most. There are two kinds of days off, the kind where you get all that stuff done you’ve been meaning to get done for ages, or the kind where you barely even take off your pajamas. I am happy to say that it is now 12:22pm and I am still sitting here in a pair of grandpa pants and an old shirt and only five minutes ago realized that I really should get into the shower.

I have tomorrow off also, so I guess it would be kind of bad if I seriously got nothing done, but right now I am content to sit here and enjoy relaxing like I haven’t done in such a long time. I think I am going to do some web surfing and hopefully some writing with the rest of my day and hopefully tidy my disgusting room. Laterz!

Happy iPod Day!

I realize most of you call this wonderous day “Christmas,” but not me, not this year; it’s iPod day baby! That is right, 20GB (already half full, too) of listening pleasure all for me! I ended up getting my iPod given to me on Christmas Eve, because my family all went to my brothers girlfriends for lunch and I wasn’t going to be able to use it if I didn’t get it a little early. I am honestly so in love with my iPod it’s not funny, but I can talk about that at a later time.

After receiving my iPod on Christmas Eve, I prepared myself for the night ahead with beer and headed to the studio. The guys and I had a few drinks, played some foosball and some miniature pool, talked about fun times we’ve all had and had a few beers. Afterwards we booted a taxi down to the Pastoral and drank a few beers and played some pool. This was a pretty fun, but not necessarily entertaining night, apart from two girls who were hitting on me terribly – oh yeah, I’ve still got it! I guess I just wasn’t in the mood though, because for some reason I just felt a little left out and ended up going home to bed pretty early and getting a good nights sleep before Christmas.

Christmas morning I was awoken to one of my favorite people in the world, Ryan came barraging into my room and telling me the story of his morning. Apparently he didn’t want to catch a taxi all the way home and decided to sleep at my house, but was too scared to let himself in and wake everyone up. The obvious answer to this is apparently to sleep on the front lawn. So Ryan decided to take his shoes off, pull his arms inside his tshirt and sleep on my front lawn, a great idea until my neighbor wakes up and decides to call the police. I ask you; what kind of asshole calls the cops on some poor bastard on CHRISTMAS DAY?

A few years ago I locked myself out of my dorm and I was out with a bunch of friends with nowhere to go at the end of the night. One of the girls I knew generously offered me her couch for the night and after copious amounts of drinking and dancing I made my way to her house. Unfortunately she was indisposed inside and didn’t let me in, so I decided to have a sleep on her front lawn (very similar to Ryan’s episode, only I left my shoes on). When the girl woke up the next day she saw a strange man on her lawn and called the police to come pick his vagrant ass up. They came, laid the boot into my stomach and arrested me and took me to the station. It took me 4 whole hours to explain what had happened to me and make them believe it, but in the end I got an apology and a lift back to her house.

So after I took Ryan back home we all went to my brothers girlfriends house to do the presents. I had agreed to this days before hand, however I never realized that her entire family was going to be present. I hate getting gifts at the best of times, even from my family, but receiving gifts in front of all these people seriously just freaked me out. I sat there like I had an itch on my brain and just died from all the commotion, I hope I don’t have to do that again for a while.

After presents was breakfast, followed by a large nap and then lunch. Lunch was delicious, but I wasn’t in the mood to eat, so I finished up and made my way to Ryan’s for a swim in the pool and a few lagers. It was a pretty straight forward day, my hands went super-wrinkly from the water, we drank a lot, Ryan made us a barbecue dinner, then Josh came and picked me up and here I am on boxing day.

Today I am going to take a well earned (in my opinion) day off. I am going to learn some more of my iPod’s functions, relax and watch some Star Trek, and just generally be a boring geek and have a nice day for once.

To all my readers, their friends and family: May you have a wonderful Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate, and an even better 2005. May your goats bring you much milk and may your crops be fertile. May the beer flow freely and may your daughters become my lovers. Have a good one kids and I hope to do a lot more writing here in the new year!

The Weekend Review

Wow, I really had no time/energy to write after Friday night, and thus, I make this a belated wrap-up if the weekends events. Saturday ended up being rather boring, spending most of the day shopping. I did manage to buy some cool (read: cheap) shirts and spy on some hotties, so that almost saved it, but the entire mall sold almost nothing else bar girls clothing and furniture.

Sunday was an entirely different story. I have totally become that stereo type guy in the personals columns who “likes computers and water sports” and discovered a love for wakeboarding. Man, who would have known that strapping some fiberglass to your feet and skimming across some water could be so much fun?

Today, Monday, was all driving and quite boring. I went and saw Rob and Ryan after I got home and got some Noodles with them and just chilled out for a bit. My body is currently aching quite bad and so is my head, so I am gonna get some sleep.

Wow, quick rap up. I will try and do some more writing soon. 🙂

Storm Front

This morning I woke up to some of the loudest rain I have heard in years. Since our area is in the middle of a 2-year drought, it was weird to hear the rain pounding on my roof like that. A thunder clap went off so loud that our entire house shook and mum felt that she needed to ask me if I was okay. Was quite amusing, considering it was only bit of thunder.

We spent the whole day driving in the rain and being lost. Dad reassured is no less than 20 times that he was pretty sure he knew where he was going, but had to ask for directions more than twice as many times. This was a typical conversation.

“Yeah, okay, got ya, first right.”
“Third left, okay.”
“Through the round-about. Yep.”
“4th right. Okay.”

*drive 200m*

“Shit, we’re lost again.”

Maybe the roads were changing as we moved or something, but it was quite amusing that we had such difficulty. I decided to take the map and as soon as I actually worked out where I was we got here in less than five minutes.

The fishing has been canceled and I have no idea what we’re doing tomorrow now. I’d like to do a bit of wakeboarding or something, but the weather will probably have a few words to say about that. So I’ll probably spend quite a bit of time writing, photography and other stuff that I could have done at home, but at least the view is nice.

A friend bought me a prepaid Internet kit so perhaps I will get online and post this later tonight or tomorrow. I feel a bit rude spending time on my computer while I am here, but my weblog and writing are both very important to me. I don’t think anyone really knows how much either mean to me in all honesty.

Holiday Fever

Wow, what a hectic couple of weeks it has been. I feel like I haven’t had any more than an hour to sit down and actually relax, so I will really appreciate the holiday I am about to take. Two and a half weeks on the other side of the country is sure to help me relax.

Here is a quick summary of the last few weeks:

  • All day, every day; cleaning, housework, study, webdesign, period. Not a thing more almost.
  • The worlds most annoying house guest ever!
  • Preparing for an exciting trip that will take me over 3,500km away from the stress I’ve been suffering lately.
  • Back in spasms, put my neck out twice just from stress and worry.
  • Redesigned the entire website, server got hacked and I lost it. Thanks very much to the morons who allowed themselves to be hacked.</sarcasm%gt;
  • A serious thanks to SSF (especially Scott who has put up with my nagging) for helping me out with some hosting. You guys really rule!
  • Helping the SSF guys out where I can with getting their server migration because, unfortunately, they were hacked also (is it me?)
  • Finally getting my websites up only 2 days before leaving for my holidays.
  • New front page design to try and give all my websites equal chance of being viewed.

Like I said, I am off for holidays now. Anything that hasn’t already been done has little chance of being done for the next 2 weeks at least. About the only thing I will be doing is updating my journal every night to keep a record (for myself and others) of what I’ve been up to. I will be uploading tons of photos too!

Anyway, I have to finish packing, which includes putting my laptop into my homestar runner messenger bag, so I will see everyone on the flip-side. Keep checking the weblog for updates.

Holiday (Day 3)

Well day 3 of the holiday was pretty boring, apart from the white water rafting, which was awesome. We all got up very early and packed the cars. The final bills were paid at the Hotel and we checked out and made our way home. We had a 12-non booking for all 8 of us to go to Penrith for an hour of white water rafting. There is an Olympic course there and it was really cool. For anyone who knows about white water rafting, it is a Type-3 river (not a simulated Type-3).

We arrived with about 15 minutes to spare and everyone got into (and out of) their clothes in preparation for the white water rafting. We finally get our gear on and are in the rafts (I will spare you the boring safety talks – lol). We push off and I am sitting next to Peter. We begin practicing scrambling from side to side to even out the boat if we get into trouble and we begin.

After about 3 laps we get to learn how to “surf” a wave. This is where you go to a spot where the white water is really curling back onto itself and you try and stay in position by moving the weight in the boat from side to side. We managed to keep our boat afloat for about 10 minutes straight until we didn’t get on the side enough and the boat flipped completely. I am told that I had a “ride ’em cowboy” look on my face as it went down, but everyone else was in absolute panic. I thought it was really great that we were going to get wet, up until I came to the surface and saw the look on Mums face. She was panic-stricken and so worried, but not about herself, about Josh and I. She came to the surface spluttering the words, “Where’s Mitch and Josh?! Where’s Mitch and Josh?!” I giggled for a second, until I realized that she was actually putting her life in danger because she wasn’t worrying about her own safety. Well I started floating off and there wasn’t much I could do. I just put my legs up the way the guys told me to and just kicked back and enjoyed the ride. Luckily, Mum was quickly dragged out of the water and everyone was fine.

Josh, Steven, Myself and our Instructor has one last “surfing” experience, when we purposely took it into the hardest part of the course with the intent of flipping the boat. I felt my side go up fast, so to make the most I jumped and did a back flip off the side. It felt pretty cool.

Other than driving home, nothing much happened at all. Mum was *very* sick and still is, and all in all it was a pretty good holiday.

Holiday (Day 2 – Part 2)

I have been home now for about 48 hours. I ate Kentucky Fried Chicken last night and got my second lot of food poisoning from them. My message to the boys and girls at KFC: I don’t care how many secret spices you have, you need to make your chick not make people barf. Anyway, I want to post a wrap-up of my holiday.

After I posted the last entry we left the beach and went back to the hotel. Things were boring so we decide to go to the Star City Casino. Dad, Peter and I all make our way there and after being rejected for entry because we were still wearing thongs, we return home to get properly dressed. Our second attempt is far more successful and we get into the casino and have a great time. We spent the whole time watching Peter winning at Pontoon and just chatting, it was great fun. I was tempted to pull out a 50, but I resisted the urge, wisely so, considering my current financial state.

We are making our way home to meet the girls for dinner. We get close to the sign that says, “cash in your chips here” or something like that. Peter turns to me with two $25 chips in his hand and smiles. “Let’s go to that $25 Blackjack table. We’ll have one bet each. If we win; we win, and if we lose; we lose.” Under normal circumstances I would *never* gamble someone else’s money, but Peter convinced me.

We sat down, side by side, and threw down our $25 chips. Peter turns to me and says, “all I need now is an Ace and I’ll be happy.” I nod in agreement as moments later we both get dealt an Ace. We both laugh and watch the rest of the cards being dealt out. Dad whispers in our ears, “all you need now are picture cards and we can get out of here rich!” Before we knew what has happened; Peter gets dealt a Queen and I get dealt a Jack. Blackjack for the both of us!

We cannot believe it. It was really a one-in-a-million thing that happened and it helped pay for all our dinner that night. We had collectively won about $150, which I think is pretty impressive considering we sat on a table with a $5 maximum for most of the day.

After that, we went and had dinner. Pretty straight forward, then a stroll on the harbor before we all went to bed ready for the final day of our holiday.