Call For Help: Party Music

As those who know me very well will attest, I have a very specific taste in music that doesn’t generally appeal to a lot of people. Furthermore, even though I love my tunes, I totally know that I couldn’t play my music at a party and get the room pumping.

So, I am asking the wider community to help me expand my horizons, and hopefully make my birthday party suck less, by letting me know your favourite party song or songs.

The rules:

  1. You can put 1 or a hundred songs, but please choose songs rather than entire albums.
  2. Please choose songs that you like listening to at parties with friends and that get you in a party mood, not just your favourite songs. This might be the same thing for some, but for most it’s slightly different to their normal taste in music.

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Shameless Promotion

MikMorley_GiveMyself by on

MikMorley_GiveMyself, originally uploaded by mikmorley on

One of my best friends, Mik Morley, is currently the Featured Artist on and next month will be the iTunes featured artist for a period of a week! I’ll be writing again when he is on iTunes!

Please download his tracks and support a local artist and a top guy!

Please spread the word to friends and family and support a rising artist!

You won’t be disappointed when listening to Mik’s music!

From the site

Give Myself, Mik Morley’s independent solo debut, introduces the world to a soulful and enigmatic young artist. The brief 5 song collection is a first-class debut effort, offering both raw mood and catchy radio ready song crafting, which has already been drawing fans to the 25-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist’s music.

“They’re perfectly crafted modern rock songs with a meaningful lyrical mood, could easily fit into any radio play list in the country, a definite hit” Says Chartsong producer and Festival/Mushroom’s published artist, Stuart Stuart (The Veronicas, Small Mercies).

Give Myself won’t disappoint, with catchy radio ready songs as “Come So Far”, and “Run Along” to atmospheric “Midnight Sky” and the heartfelt title track “Give Myself”. From a lyrical perspective, Mik draws on Friendship, Life, and Loss through remarkable emotive presence for one so young.

Mik’s past is one of life experience of which most of his peers could only dream of. Growing in a small town, pushed Mik into finding solace in music, and later stability as Guitarist in the band Lik-Wid, which since 2001 has had a series of successes and credits to its name (Finalist in 2004 National SOYA MUSICOZ completion, “Breathing For The First Time” 2005 National Release – Mixed and Engineered by 2005/2006 Aria Award Nominated Matt Lovell – ‘Inxs’, ‘Silverchair’, ‘Grinspoon’, ‘Sarah Mcleod’).

James Blunt Sucks

Now don’t judge this entry before you read it, it’s actually about a very important subject: James Blunt really is the most pathetic artist to ever make a hit. Besides, I haven’t been this blatently horrible since I spoke about Big Brother, so I deserve this rant. How this whingey, whiney, piece of crap ever got signed is beyond me, but the fact that some people seem to think him crying about some kind of lost boyfriend is even more mind boggling.

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while but my respect for other peoples musical tastes has held me back I’ve been too busy, however I can stay silent no longer. If this is some April fools joke that is brewing in the back of the mind of some musical talent agent (i.e. “Hahaha, I knew that I could make the world public actually listen to this tool!”), I think it’s safe to say the joke is over.

Today I was walking around the office and overheard the latest awful hit from this crybaby crooning across the speaker system. “Goodbye my lover, goodbye my frie–” I punch at the skip button and I am never so grateful for the rancid sound of Lifehouse. Now, to clarify, I am not a big Lifehouse fan, but hearing them honestly makes me want to dance.

Now before you hit the comment button and type something in his defense, have you seriously listened to the song You’re Beautiful? This song describes a girl he saw on a subway and apparently “shared a moment that will last till the end.” I am sure that when 16 year old girls listen to this song and see some super hot Blunt-like guy on a subway somewhere staring at their tits and call it a moment. But in all seriously, he just likes cleavage like most guys, sorry to break your heart.

I think that the song Goodbye My Lover would have to take the Worst-Song-In-The-Top-40-For-At-Least-The-Last-6-Times-Mitch-Has-Listened-To-Radio award. I would honestly rather watch Ashlee Simpson make a fool of herself on Saturday Night Life (big link, huh?) while having a cannibalistic midget perform fellatio on me then listen to this shit. As if it’s not bad enough that he has to sing, it’s even worse that he has to use this whining tone. I doubt he could sound any more like a crybaby if he tried, it makes me sick.

Go download the album from Napster, Bittorent, eMule, WinMX, Limewire or whatever downloading tool you use, just don’t buy it (I wouldn’t wish that kind of dissatisfying purchase on my worst enemy). Keep it in your C:MusicKill Myself Playlist folder, just in case you ever feel suicidal and ever need the push over the edge. Either that or you can just listen to it and tilt your hat to whatever marketing genius actually brainwashed people into listening to this shite. You choose.

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility for James Blunt driving any reader of bananas on toast to suicide. I also do not condone this listening of such appalling music. Furthermore, I cannot be held accountable for any guys going sterile from the complete lack of quaility in this album, it’s just not my fault.

Update: Due to the fact I have better things to do with my time than argue with whiney James Blunt fans I have disabled commenting. I guess if you have something further to say on the matter you’ll have to start your own stupid website.

25 is never enough…

25 is never enough... by on

25 is never enough…, originally uploaded by bananasontoast on

These are 25 of the most influence bands and albums of my life. I’m not out to impress anyone with my eclectic or good taste, and in fact these albums aren’t necessarily my favorite albums, just the albums that have effected my life or remind me of better times. They are not in order of preference and I do realize that there are two Gun’s N’ Roses albums there, but they were both a huge part of my life for many years.

I have it in my hand…

…not my dick, the new Lik-Wid album “Breathing For The First Time,” you dirty bastard!

So I know I have been a bad friend, I know my penis is short and bent, and most of all I know it has taken me far too long to buy a copy of their latest album, but I finally have a copy of the new Lik-Wid CD. This album is by far one of the most inspiring albums I have in my collection. Regardless of how good the music is, which I can tell you it is great, the things that the band has gone through from birth to conception to delivered product is phenomenal. Watching this process has honestly been one of the biggest privileges in my life.

So earlier this afternoon I had a conversation with Ryan that went like this:

Mitch: Hey bro
Mitch: Am I allowed to invite people to this thing on the weekend?
Ryan: heyman what u doing?
Mitch: Mitch much man, day off
Ryan: yer man hell yes, i have like 40000 posters we got done ilol have to give u some man
Ryan: day off swoit, should of told me yesterday, would of got some beers 🙂
Ryan: well we still can lol
Mitch: I got beers here man, imported shit galore, you should come over and have one with me
Ryan: yer man sounds good, ill bring some posters n shit for ya 2
Ryan: just gotta wait for scoot to get home, he has his keys on him
Mitch: No worries man
Mitch: Bring me a CD too and I’ll hook you up with some cash. $15?
Ryan: yer man np ive got some on me ill bring em with me
Mitch: Yeah, hell yeah man!
Ryan: swoit
Ryan: ill cya in a bit man
Ryan: prolly 30min
Mitch: Yeah, do it!

About an hour later (Ryan must have lost his watch) he arrived at my house and we cracked a beer. We sat and watched the FHM comedy awards and chatted about life and the band. It was great to catch up somewhere other than a bar on the weekend, and I can’t wait to catch up again both tomorrow and Thursday when the guys do an open jam session (not that I haven’t been to a few of their jams before).

I’ve gotten a little off topic here, this entry was supposed to be about whoring out the new Lik-Wid album. Normally I’d try and convince you of the albums quality by doing a track-by-track review, followed by some quotes, and finally an assurance of the music. Instead, I have decided the “cut the crap” so to speak and get straight to the point. Buy the CD and go to the launch party or else! I know a guy, who knows a guy, who played cards with a guys wife, and he assures me he will mess you up proper if you don’t buy the CD. And if that isn’t enough, Granny (Lik-Wid mascot and grandmother) is in major need of a hip transplant – if the boys don’t raise the funds she will be stuck in bed for the rest of her life.

Go on, have a heart.

Here is a well good shot of the album itself…

likwid-cdshot by on

…and a shot of the inside album art, where yours truly gets a mention!

likwid-albumart by on

Now, I am going to go eat the rest of my sundae.

Fort Minor – The Rising Tied

Fort Minor - The Rising Tied by on

Fort Minor – The Rising Tied, originally uploaded by bananasontoast on

Last night I was browsing towards the Linkin Park website to see what the band is up to. Linkin Park are one of those bands who are always doing something and it sometimes becomes hard to keep up with, so I browse their site as often as I can remember. I saw a lot of stuff about Fort Minor and had a look to find that Mike Shinoda has released a new Hip-Hop album. I got a copy of the album a few minutes later via iTunes and all I can say is “wow!” Get it however you can and give it a listen, especially if you are a fan of Mike Shinoda’s lyrical genius.

Breathing For The First Time Pt. 2

Breathing For The First Time

The release date is set. The boys are excited and, frankly, so am I! I’ve already had the unique pleasre of an advanced listening, a birthday present from Ryan and the boys, and I can honestly say that this CD far surpasses anything I expected and I think that Lik-Wid themselves are a little shocked as well. Be sure to get a copy online and be sure to tell your friends, be friendly and refrain from sending mp3’s all over the net too.