Call For Help: Party Music

As those who know me very well will attest, I have a very specific taste in music that doesn’t generally appeal to a lot of people. Furthermore, even though I love my tunes, I totally know that I couldn’t play my music at a party and get the room pumping.

So, I am asking the wider community to help me expand my horizons, and hopefully make my birthday party suck less, by letting me know your favourite party song or songs.

The rules:

  1. You can put 1 or a hundred songs, but please choose songs rather than entire albums.
  2. Please choose songs that you like listening to at parties with friends and that get you in a party mood, not just your favourite songs. This might be the same thing for some, but for most it’s slightly different to their normal taste in music.

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The Houseparty!

So I had the house to myself for just over a week and what better way to finish it off than with a house party? 2 kegs, about 20 people and 3 bottles of tequila proved more than enough to get everyone having a good time. My house ended up trashed, it took around 8 hours to clean and I had to mop the floors about 5 times. All in all it was a blast, but neither the cleaning or the hangovers were worth it.

For the complete flickr photo set, click here.

The top 5 highlights:
1. Rob and I drinking 3 quarters of a bottle of tequila in around 10 minutes
2. Me passing out as a consequence,
3. Beer bong anyone? I out-chugged the entire party, as per usual,
4. Loddy singing like Madonna with my mothers phone headset, and;
5. The boys not leaving my house for almost 48 hours in refusal to return a half-empty keg.

Cheers! by on

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My boys! by on

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Roar! by on

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The Weekenders

Mitch and Mark by on

Myself and my good mate, Mark. This guy is seriously a king, he is an awesome guy. We party together every weekend, laughs galore and we always have a good time.
(thanks to chix0r for the manip)

Sticko, Mitch and Rob by on

Me and my boys, Sticko and Rob! Great mates, weekenders all the way!

Handprints! by on

It was that cold! Check out the handprints that Rob, Sticko and I made!

Mark, my main man! by on

Mark busting it out at the pub, love the lighting!

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