Eight things I adoted before it became ‘cool’…

  1. Wearing converse all-stars – Yep, you bet, I started wearing cons back when I was in high school (which is a long time ago, seriously) before they took flight after the release of I, Robot and Will Smith gave his cheese ball selling pitch.
  2. Using a white computer – I only just got in, but I had a Mac before every third person at the local Starbucks had one. Although Starbucks are closing in Australia now so I anticipate a downturn in Apple product sales.
  3. Listening to Powderfinger – I once bought two album’s titled “Parables for Wooden Ears” and “Double Allergic” and got called weird by all my friends. Fast-forward to their 1st major release “Internationalist” and everyone is listening.
  4. Google – I used to use Google on a daily basis before Gmail, calendars, online shopping, videos and everything else. In fact, I used to use it when it was only a search engine and only had two buttons on the interface.
  5. Burning CD’s – I started burning CD’s around the time most people I knew were buying CD players. I remember blanks cost around $10 each and I remember hearing things like “CD media won’t ever last, why did you buy a CD burner?”
  6. Blogging – before there were blogging engines, there was notepad. When I was 15 (quite some time ago, as I’ve mentioned) I ran a website which I updated almost daily, manually updating
  7. Hating Big Brother – Just the other day I hear my media queen mother spout “Big Brother has lost it’s appeal.” Newsflash: it never had any. To all the people saddened by the fact it’s the last year: cry me a river, losers!
  8. Mobile Browsing – I began browsing the web back in the days of monochrome dot-matrix on my Nokia 7110. It sure sucked hard, but try and beat that for keen!

Plus there are also a few things I do now that I hope will be cool one day (i.e. watching Star Trek, wokring 60 hour weeks and using stupid phrases like “crap ya later!”)

I’m back

Not like Michael Jordan back; barely a few games and limited success. I’m talking about the kind of “back” where I probably don’t mean it and I’ll be gone again in a few days.

Regardless, I’m blogging. And if you’re one of the many 2 people who have asked me when I’m going to start writing again, then the answer is now. Now!

Alright, so this is the last Mitch post. You might notice that all the old posts are back, which I didn’t think they would ever be, but moreso that the design has changed for a rather final step. This design, for better or worse, will be the design I continue to use for some time. There will be minor 1.1.x updates, but this is all.

So what am I going to write about? It’ll still be a little about me, but I am going to try and give the blog some aim and some direction. I update Twitter several times a day with the boring shit I get up to, and I have facebook for boring banter, I want to give the site some direction.

So, this is what will (hopefully) happen over the next few weeks. I will delete quite a few old posts that are just crap. I will tag the posts that are here now and get the blog acting a little more 2.0 (‘cuz I’m 1337). And I will hopefully start blogging about things with a little more substance

Oh, and I’m going to delete all, and I mean ALL, the posts that mention that I am going to start writing again. Including this one if I don’t hold my word and don’t start writing more often.

So peace out, comment like a madman, and stay cool.

ZOMG I’m 25!!!

A year ago I wrote a blog entry called “24 beers in a case, 24 years in my life…”, had an awesome party, paralysed myself with Absynth and was hungover for a week.

I think some people like to call it “denial”.

Some people, if you’re like me, prefer denial than waking up and realizing that some of your better years are behind you. This morning was one of those days: my 25th birthday.

Gone are the days when I could get slammed with friends and wake up and go to work, these days I am more likely to have a glass of one and an early night and still wake up hungover.

I’m old and I know it, and I’m still no wiser.

I’m going camping tommorrow night. Miss me.

24 beers in a case, 24 years in my life…

While it’s no coincidence, it may interest some that I have just celebrated my 24th birthday this Wednesday 6th, September. I’m a year older and no wiser, I have just resigned to the fact that it’s all downhill from here. More to come after birthday drinks tomorrow night! Let the absynth flow!


A few years ago when I registered my first domain name, digitalheroine.com (no longer in use), I received a letter that really got to me. This letter was from a rival domain registrar to Dotster, the company I have chosen to manage all my domains through. This letter offered me “cheaper” domain registration, even though it was in fact far more expensive than the registrar that I was already using.

This morning a letter arrived from the US and I thought it was going to be another similar letter. I studied the envelope carefully and considered throwing it out until I took a close look and realised it was from America Online (AOL). Some will remember my small gripe with AOL (October 23, 2005) after they closed down Mailblocks, the mail service I had used and trusted for quite some time.

One of the things that came about during the time when I was pissed off was a promise from AOL to refund what I had paid for my “Pro” account. I went through the steps, filled out the form and never believed for a moment that the day would come that I would actually see my check. So this morning when I go through my bank statements, open up my new books from Amazon and find the letter from AOL, I realize that I’ve don it! I FUCKING WON! I BEAT AOL! I have a check in my hand for $24.95 and the feeling is so satisfying that I am not going to cash it. I will keep it for all time, a tribute to the occasion I managed to get something out of AOL. The bastards.

AOL Refind   AOL Refund
AOL Refund   AOL Refund

Dear Dreary Diary

Bad day. No movitation to write much for the site, but MxPx finally forced me to dump on some song lyrics.

Check out my del.icio.us bookmarks and Asides for some fun reading.

I know I’m mean, but I’m real sorry,
I didn’t mean to make you cry,
I feel so bad by then it’s too late,
You’re hurt, I’m mad, is this goodbye?

– “Cold and All Alone” by MxPx

Just Being Mitch

Sitting at home on a Saturday night gives a funny feeling these days. Most Saturday nights I am surrounded by my friends at a bar, having laughs and winding down from the week I’ve just had. It’s usually a lot of fun, but it costs a lot of money and usually causes a bit of trouble and sometimes I’d just rather be at home geeking out or visiting Mik. Unfortunately I didn’t think early enough to call Mik, but the point remains that I spent the Saturday just gone chilling and geeking out.

Saturdays agenda:
1. Chatting
I haven’t gotten on MSN and chatted to friends in such a long time. Having a chat to Kevin really made me realise what a great friend I have in him and it felt good to just have a few laughs with him and catch up. Personally, the highlight of the conversation was the finish:

) by http://www.flickr.com/people/bananasontoast/ on flickr.com

Be Evil 🙂, originally uploaded by Mitch Malone on flickr.com.

Also had a nice chat with Selina (sundayx), the sweetest and most beautiful London girl there is, she is honestly fantastic!

Just put the finishing touched on MMdN , my latest online project. After letting http://www.mitchmalone.com/ expire and become a flower shop (wtf?) I have decided to register the new domain http://www.mitchmalone.name/ instead. The new site is purely a résumé and will soon become a portfolio of my online works and projects also.

Looked at some design ideas for the future of bananas on toast. I am looking at taking the website back to code and completely redesigning the interface of it, including some exciting new ideas to make the site prettier and easier to navigate. This will be a long time down the track, but it’s exciting none the less.

3. General Geeking Out
Playing PSP, downloading lusic on iTunes, watching Prison Break re-runs on my PC, reading geek news websites, packing my bag full of mp3 goodness for work and watching (oh no, run!) Star Trek.

Oh yeah, it was a good night.

Dear god, my ass is on fire!

Okay, I just finished playing indoor soccer (football for all you poms) and I feel absolutely murdered in the backside. After playing for a few minutes tonight I soon found I was a lot faster than the guys on the other team and began showing off by speeding past them and stealing the ball. As my confidence lifted so did my game and I was feeling so good I felt it was time to unleash my striking power.

I ran to the top of the box and called for the ball and swung my right leg as hard as I could. I swear to god if I had of been one squilimeter to the left I would have slotted the finest goal ever, but instead I connected ball to an opponents foot and I ended up on my ass.

I can barely sit here and type this, but I had to update and let everyone know that my ass is sorer than that of a 12 year-old at Michael Jackson’s house (any more fans want to attack me?) I have closed comments on James Blunt Sucks and hopefully bananas on toast can return to it’s normal boring programming. Peace.

3 Reasons to Query Your Telco Bill

Tonight I logged on to check my phone bill and noticed it was a bit large and went through some documentation I had here in hard copy. I found a bill saying that I had around $80 overdue on my account and figured that is why it was large and called my Telco (I won’t drom names) to say “whassup?!” It turns out that my charges were legitimate and I just use my phone to much, but the coolest thing happened afterwards.

The operator on the phone asked me politely, “may I take a few minutes of your time and ask your some questions about your service with [Telco]?”

This is where I am supposed to say that my capped plan is awesome and I love making phone calls and text I don’t have to pay for and laugh in the operators face. Instead I realize that the only thing I have to look forward to tonight is trying to code some PHP with a headache so I humor him. “Sure,” I say smoothly and prepare my replies for when he offers me shitty ways to “reduce my bill”.

“How would you like to pay $10 less per month, get another $300 worth of calls, get less expensive calls, be one of the first to try out the 3G network in Australia, AND get a new Nokia N70 phone?”

My wit escapes me and my replies all seem like discarded palm cards as I stutter, “what’s the catch?”

The operator laughs and cooly says, “the same catch we always have here at [Telco], you just have to sign for another 12 months!”

Now, for those of you who are uninitiated: I am a mobile-a-holic. Seriously. I text a lot, I talk a lot and I love the idea of being in touch with people and I use my phone for almost everything. So offering a free phone that has all the latest gadgets to a technophile and a mobile addict is like putting cake in front of a fat kid.

So, the three reasons to query your Telco:

  1. Cheaper shit
  2. New, free and cool phone
  3. I won indoor soccer

Clearly 3 has nothing to do with anything, but I had to put that in there. Take that you little 17 year old twats, we smashed your asses and I feel like such a hero in my own lunchbox!

Sincerely yours,
Signing off,

P.S. Rawk! m/

//www.flickr.com/people/bananasontoast/ on flickr.com

Nokia N70, originally uploaded by bananasontoast on flickr.com.