Cool news on the iPhone

Everyone who knows me knows one thing for sure: I am a geek. I love gadgets, computers, software, websites, Mac-good, iPods and everything that goes with. So when Apple declared that Australia, as per usual of US companies, would have to wait a whole year until we see the iPhone I was naturally disappointed.

Yesterday while browsing I found an interesting website of a guy who managed to hack the iPhone. Pretty impressive stuff with some over complicated instructions, but I still think this is pretty incredible.

I’ve previously seen a couple of interesting fixes also on that look a lot less risky, perhaps I will try one of these at some point.

So, for the next question; will I be buying one at some point? You bet your sweet ass I will!

Free movies for download!

Sounds like a spam e-mail, but this is nothing of the sort. Previously I have mentioned a Star Wars Fan Film made with a relatively low budget called Star Wars: Revelations. Just now while browsing through my normal geek sites I have found two new awesome links. Normally I would just throw these into the A-sides on the right, but I figured this deserved a bit of a mention.

Firstly, a program called Blender. From the site: “Blender is the open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback. Available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.” I’ve just downloaded it and I’ll probably give it a look-see, but it’s interesting to note since it was used to create the movie in the second link.

Elephants Dream is a movie created entirely with free software, Blender. Right now their site is in a minimal state, providing only download links and not much else, however the idea alone has me really enthralled. Download it and have a watch, it can’t hurt.

Avatar Competition

This is a repost from my journal at

Well the web design competition is closed due to a lack of entrants, in the end I only got noted three incomplete entries and none of which were really what I was looking for. I gave out some subs and so forth and now I am going to try another competition that should be a little easier.

Numerous people have been offering to make me avatars since I expressed my boredom with my current avatar and now I am putting it out there. Make me an avatar, enter the competition and win yourself a one year subscription!

There is, however, one small catch; I will also be using the avatar on my Flickr (48 pixels by 48 pixels) and Gravatar (80 pixels by 80 pixels) pages, so the avatar will either need to be able to be resized to the different sizes. What this ultimate means is that you should make the avatar as 80×80 and be sure that it still looks good when resized to 50×50 and 48×48 or (and especially if you pixel it) make the three different versions.

1. Avatar should either come in the three sizes (80 pixels by 80 pixels, 50 pixels by 50 pixels and 48 pixels by 48 pixels) or be 80 pixels by 80 pixels and still look nice when resized.
2. The avatar should be original, up beat and most of all G-rated.
3. The avatar should hopefully represent me in some way, however I am looking for something really different, so surprise me!
4. The avatar can be animated or not animated depending on what you prefer.
5. You can enter up to 5 entries per person, so if you aren’t sure do a few.
6. Entries must be in within 30 days of this posting (18th May, 2005).

So that is it. Hopefully this competition won’t such as much as my web design competition and I am looking forward to seeing some entries. Get creative, get moving and it could be you scoring the one year subscription.

Some Avatars I Like: voodoo-prophet, jark, spyed, eStunt, mkinne, spot, neom, leodadominico


Well today I was driving home and saw an awesome sunset. It was honestly the most red I have ever seen a sky so I quickly grabbed my camera and headed to see if I could find a good place to photograph it. Unfortunately I missed the sunset by a few minutes, but the sky was pretty cool none the less. I took two shots called “Sunset in the Outback” and “A sky of pinks and purples” and I am pretty happy with them both.

Tomorrow I am going to try and get the sunset again and be prepared for it. Taking photos of the sky has become somewhat of a reoccurring theme. I somewhat wish I had of registered ~kaneda as my username, because I have grown accustomed to using my “Kaneda” watermark in my photos.

There was a really interesting book for $20 today that I want to get, it is a book on web design and while I consider myself somewhat of a good designer, I think we all need help here and there when it comes to inspiration. I might be designing a portfolio to showcase my work soon so stay tuned for that.

Sunset in the Outback

A sky of pinks and purples...


Well I did some fiddling around in Photoshop and Paintshop and made some simple wallpapers. Mostly because I wanted to be able to use my own wallpaper that I made, but secondly because my deviantART gallery was looking rather bare. I am not sure which I should submit and which I should leave alone, so if you particularly like any of them, let me know and I might submit it. Please remember, however, that I am *not* a graphic artist or anything of the likes, I am just a hack, so be kind.

Dark Ripple    Decay

Patchwork Quilt    Ripple

Ripple V2

I also made Decay as a 1600 x 1200 shot; it’s a bigger file size and a longer download, but for large desktops it will look much better.

I am really enjoying deviantART at the moment, it’s a terrific community. In fact, if any artists, writers or poets come across this, they should seriously consider signing up, it’s a lot of fun. It’s a terrific place to submit your art and get feedback from other artists regarding them.

Anyway, it’s 2am and I think I need to get some sleep. My sleep patterns have been horrendous lately and it’s been tough getting anything done because of it. Tomorrow I will be putting in MANY hours on my Mathematics assignment and as such I might not get to write for about a week. Stay cool people and keep on rocking! m/

Sketch Album

I sit down and load up my website. It takes only a second over broadband and I hit refresh just in case. No recent comments, but that’s not surprising, Kev is taking a break at the moment and he is my main comment-er. Calender sneaks into my view and I suddenly realize that I haven’t posted since the 4th. Some quick maths skills and I realize that is 4 whole days. That’s pretty pathetic from the “I’m Blogging This” poster child, but hey sue me.

So the other day I said that I finished a sketch and it was really bad. Well I found this wonderful tool called an Eee-Ray-Sir. I removed her head and started again. I got the hair just right, but her eyes are still stupid. Considering that Kimiko is the first Manga girl to light fire in my dreams (yes, I too, am laughing hysterically right now) I just didn’t do her justice.

I have also drawn “Boo” which is a hamster with wings who is Largos conscience. I think he is very cute. In all of the comics, Boo just says “Squeak” and Largo replies with something like, “What’s that little dude? We need guns and crossbows? We need to kill the Zombie hordes? Sweet! You rock little dude!”

Apart from “The Boys of Summer” by The Araris being stuck in my head, that’s about it. Not much is really going on. I have totally rediscovered my love for Anime and Manga with the movie “Akira”. This also means that I now have something to sketch apart from Megatokyo.