Live Update In Progress

If you used my RSS Feeds you will not notice that the website looks pretty and new. I was up half the night last night getting it to look and behave correctly, and most of this morning reimplementing the features I previously had on the site.

Firstly you will notice that the main page is much simpler, with things like archives, recent entries, about, blogroll etc. being hidden in a “shelf”. I realise this is either going to be a very big hit or a very big miss, so I am relying on feedback from the readers to tell me if this suits you or not.

Also the color scheme is very different. For the moment I like it, but I also realise it is very plain and I will probably get rid of it. Feedback here is welcome too.

Right now it’s 5:10pm and I am really tired, I’m going to go for a jog to pep myself back up and then I am going to be doing some reading. That’s Mitch, over and out!

To live update, or not to live update!

That really is the question. I’ve been working on redesign ideas late at night for several weeks now, tossing around ideas and different themes, trying to find one that fits what I want the site to look like, but nothing I seem to do feels right. I usually work between midnight and 4am on nights when I have trouble sleeping and by the time I get close to a design I like I end up disabling it, going to bed and then hating it in the morning.

As of tonight I am beginning to work on some updates to the site. I am pretty confident that the style I am going to stick with is the Hemingway style from Warpspire and the color scheme will probably mirror that of the Ubuntu color scheme. I really love the simplicity of the Hemingay design and I really think the Ubuntu guys have an awesome color palette that I just may steal from.

I will be disabling a lot of the plugins and a lot of functionality will disappear from the site while I work on the updates and reintegrating them, but at the end it will be sexier than ever! So everyone bare with me over the next few days/weeks while I work on getting this site to a new, improved version. It’ll be BonT v2.0 to suit Mitch v2.0!

Coloring in…

So I’ve made some minor updates to the site, most of which are purely cosmetic. Firstly I have changed the color scheme slightly to give the pages a little more life – all the colors are now a lot brighter. I also added in a search feature to the right, along with archives to go back into past entries and some other links to make navigating past entries a lot easier.

I think one of the best things about designing websites is choosing the color scheme and adjusting it to perfection. Without a good color scheme the website will give a totally wrong feel and the site will constantly look out of shape. Generally speaking the mood I am usually sets what color I start off with, but the colors I choose to compliment it will always vary. Since my first ever website I have gone through several color schemes, most of which used a black base. Personally I think the color scheme I am on now is the best I have ever used.

// on

Website Redesign, originally uploaded by bananasontoast on Click the image to see what the site looks like if you have a good resolution and/or a widescreen like mine!

BonT and MMdC Updates!

Both bananas on toast and Mitch Malone dot COM have had some minor updates. bananas on toast has new, updated headings that give a little more cleanliness to the design and make the headers make a bit more sense while MMdC has had a new background added which, again, makes the site a little cleaner.

Please return to your toilet, that is all.

Update: I have also made the weblog a little narrower, some feedback would be terrific!

Must Follow – Issue #1

On the right hand side I have added an extra heading called “Must Follow.” It will house a random link of sites that are most important to me. Although only three links currently exist there, it will be a growing list of sites that simply must be visited.

Lik-Wid – The Independant Artist
Surely everyone knows how important these guys are to me. They are an inspiration and some of my best friends, you must go to their site and you definitely need to buy their CD when it launches, it’s not too far now!

The Writing of Ryan K. Lindsay
Stink Brown dot ORG
One of my best friends and a talented writer. More to come about Ryan later, but for now it’s enough if you check it out and buy his book!

Movember – Grow a mo’ for a charity!
Definately a worthy cause, if I had of know earlier I’d definately be entering a team for work!

Redesign complete!

… well not quite!

bananas on toast and Mitch Malone dot COM have finally been upgraded and are both now powered by WordPress. I have chosen to use Squible on MmdC and triSexual Standard here on bananas on toast and I am mostly pleased with the results. I had desperately wanted to go with some more color here on the weblog, however as much as I tried I just couldn’t come up with a theme that I liked.

While the designs are mostly complete, I shall be tinkering and reshaping for quite a while until I find a design that I am really happy with. In the meantime, any constructive criticism on both the sites are much appreciated. I hope to have the sites looking 100% over the next week or so, but I am back to work tomorrow so updates may be a little slow.

It’s time… Time for a redesign!

It’s that time of year again when bananas on toast has a birthday and gets a face lift. To commemorate the 3 year anniversary of the domain name and just over 3 years of the weblog the entire site is getting a rather drastic redesign. The site will be down for approximately 48 hours in which MMdC, bananas on toast and all the subsites will be revamped, so it’s a good time to clean out any old bookmarks you may have lying about.

The upgrades are beginning now in the background, but won’t be viewable to the public until around the 12th of October, the sites official birthday. I’ll be working on themes, full redesigns, graphic work, hiring and collabing with other artists and designers and generally working my ass off to make the entire site a seamless piece of perfection.

What do I need from you? Two things:
1. I need to know which layout you think suits the site more and which layout you like more. The choices are the current layout by Michael Heilemann and Chris J Davis, Kubrick 2, Scott Jarkoff‘s layout, triSexuality and Squible by Theron Parlin. Decided.
2. I need to know what problems you have with the current site? Is it too slow loading, not easy to navigate, not sequential enough? Tell me what I can fix and any ideas you may have to improve the site.

Bear in mind that I plan on working my ass off so if you could take a few moments to drop a well thought out response, it would be much appreciated. The person with the most helpful comment and feedback will win themselves a gift either from their deviantART,, Thinkgeek or other wishlist, so get giving with the feedback!

Site Theme Upgrade

Until a few minutes ago, my site was redirecting to this message:

bananas on toast is down for a few hours while it gets taken to the beautician. No, it’s not another redesign, I am just upgrading to Kubrick 2 and the latest WordPress and tweaking the design a little. Please check back in a couple of hours!

– Mitch

This is because bananas on toast has just upgraded to Kubrick 2! This will make the site a little more seemless and give me greater (and easier) control over content. I’ve also included a new “Asides” subheader on the left, which will serv as a bunch of links to external websites that I don’t really wish to write an entire entry about.

If there are any bugs please comment on this entry, although I’ve worked my hardest to iron out the creases. If anyone has any idea why it’s screwing up in IE (not that I am extremely concerned) please let me know.

Comments and criticism is welcome as I am trying to get the design looking really tidy, so please feel free to comment. A few things from the old design have been taken out, so if you want them back, please let me know.